Annual College Scholarships

Thanks to the leadership and support of member clubs and the business community, The Presidents Club of Dayton established its first scholarship for a Sinclair Community College student in 1990, naming it after former The Presidents Club of Dayton President Virgil C. Kitchen who passed away shortly after his many years of service to the organization.
A second scholarship was started in 2005 and dedicated to Mildred C. “Millie” Sadauskas, who served more than 30 years as the organization’s administrative secretary.  She retired from service in 2013.
A third scholarship began in 2008 and was named for Robert T. Leibold, a two-time President of the organization and one of the longest-serving volunteers in the organization’s history.
The organizations fourth scholarship was started by the board in 2015 and was named for Phillip L. Parker, a Past President of The Presidents Club of Dayton and an active volunteer since the early 1980's.
Students receive their scholarships based on academics, financial need and their active participation in community volunteer activities.  Funding for the four (4) scholarships comes from the proceeds of the annual Citizen Legion of Honor Award Luncheon and direct donations from member clubs.  Since 1990, there have been 46 scholarship recipients.  In 2014, the organization celebrated $250,000.00 of educational impact since the inception of these awards.



Virgil C. Kitchen Scholarship


Millie Sadauskas Scholarship

  Year Robert Leibold Scholarship   Year Phillip L. Parker Scholarship
1990 Marvin Terrell Ringer   2005 Rebecca Doyle   2008 Lisa O'Hearn   2015 Danielle Goody
1991 Kimberly A. Bird   2006 Sarah Baire   2009 Emily Bush   2016 Miguel Andrade
1992 Derek E. Allen   2007 Bonnie Broering   2010 Aaron Skapik   2017 Logan Hall
1993 Alison King   2008 Anthony Head   2011 Joe Lofino   2018 Taylor A. White
1994 Jane Leach   2009 Michael Clay   2012 Amy Cotterman   2019 Sarah Vanderhorst
1995 Loren Dotson   2010 Melissa Keeton   2013 Frank Browning   2020 Tyler McDonough
1996 Eva C. Hicks   2011 Ann Gibbs   2014 Debra Fussnecker   2021 Katelyn Youngblood
1997 Theresa E. Rowley   2012 Jessie Thatcher   2015 Samantha Gulland   2022 Leanora Royster
1998 Lurvie F. Pendergrass   2013 Shannon Campbell   2016 Natalie Cook      
1999 Vicki R. Segal   2014 Jennifer Helton   2017 Stanton Hugger      
2000 James T. Lamb   2015 Lisa Dukes   2018 Breonna Gillespie      
2001 Sandra K. Venable   2016 William McChesney   2019 Jamar Garrett      
2002 Rachel A. Stapleton   2017
Marta Robinson
  2020 Elise Berry      
2003 Wendy Anne Middleton   2018 Michael Flannery   2021 Ahliya Brown      
2004 Alice Grohoske   2019 Hannah Hitchler   2022 Jack Starcher      
2005 Rachel Cunningham   2020 Melina Low            
2006 Shari Rogers   2021 Mindy Burns            
2007 Rebekah Wysong   2022 Christina Miron            
2008 Amy Ludwig                  
2009 Michelle Chamberlain                  
2010 Sheyla Alspach                  
2011 Catherine Brown                  
2012 Gary F. Ernst                  
2013 Rustam Saddatov                  
2014 Maegan Niezgodski                  
2015 Alyssa Hustead                  
2016 Maya Gronquist-Pierce                  
2017 Gavin Estes                  
2018 De’Asia Hope                  
2019 Daniel Riesenberg                  
2020 Samuel Onyett                  
2021 Michael Gibson                  
2022 Rachel Wolf